One Tree Hill VK1/AC-035 Sunday 5th December 2021 – a shorter way to the summit!

Until recently, SOTA activators have been advised to park some 4.5 kilometers from the summit of One Tree Hill in Hall Village and hike along the ACT Centenary Trail…. Now, the purpose of this report is NOT to disuade people from taking that hike along the Centenary Trail at least once – it is a most enjoyable walk – or if you are so inclined, to cycle!

However, sometimes I would prefer to spend more time ON the summit, than that taken to get to, and from the summit! In August this year Matt VK1MF told the local VK1 Sota community about a much shorter hike. A new suburb called Taylor is being developed right at the base of the ridge line on which One Tree Hill sits.

So the start point for this 1.8 kilometer hike is in Harry Seidler Crescent – Taylor.

Satellite imagery has yet to catch up with the rapid suburb development. Here my car is parked where that orange “Start” point can be seen in Harry Seidler Cresent.

The hike takes anything from 30 to 45 minutes…depending on what size backpack you are carrying and who you are!! There are four gates along the way, three of which are designed for hikers to get through easily. The 4th gate was open!

The path is well developed and easy to walk. You can see why it zig-zags up quite a steep gradient. I guess, for the ambitious and very fit it would be possible to hike directly up to the summit – I chose to stick to the path – no trip hazards or loose rocks to ruin your day.

From the summit – looking back at where I parked .

I reached the summit just as the WIA National Broadcast on our local 2m repeater was ending (0930 local) and managed to call in for the “call backs”. It was VERY windy, and I delayed putting the HF antenna up. The wind was doing its level best to knock over the tripod and 3 element 2m yagi. Andrew VK1AD was activating a summit in VK3 and I hoped to make a 2m ssb contact – however conditions were not in our favour, and not many aircraft were about for “aircraft enhancement”… I only managed three local 2m contacts prior to rollover.

To the amusement of the many curious hikers and park runners, and despite the incessant wind, I managed to get the EFHW 53′ random wire HF up ( 6m through 80m ) attached to my KX2.

Pre Roll-Over (FT-817)
Chris VK2DO 144.2 SSB- great contact to the south coast!
Matt VK1MA 144.2 SSB
Chris VK1CT 146.5 FM

Post Roll-Over (KX2)

7m all CW
VK3PF/P S2S VK3/VT-046, VK2IO, VK3XU, VK1MIC ( yes CW 😉 ), VK2YW, VK1CT, VK1DA

20M CW


146.5 FM Matt VK1MA

One Tree Hill is now a very accessible summit – be prepared for many on-lookers and watch AND LISTEN out for push-bikes – there is no overtaking lane, so one needs to step off the narrow path to let them pass.

I have said this before – if you are hiking – I strongly encourage the use of hiking poles!

Stay safe!


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